Tuesday, 29 November 2011

What happened already!


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Link to my second book newly released. Same rule as above!


A 5 Star review on Amazon Kindle!


I know it may seem pathetic to you prizewinning, multi-selling authors but for guys like me small things bring great returns! Yesterday I had a visitor from Mexico and another from Brazil. I hope you continue to follow and thank you for your support. I was also pleased in an increase in visitors from the Netherlands.

Writing and other stuff.

I wrote over 1000 words on 'The Biter Bit' moving Patrick A Steele and his team closer to the conclusion of their final task!

I wrote over 1000 words (does that seem familiar) for a writing competition underpinned by booktrope.com. There were 4 questions all of which will need to be tackled by writing an essay and I tackled the one 'What do you miss about being 5 years old' - A delicious opportunity for sentimental reminiscence! One thing I remember well was walking to school holding the hand of an older woman, she was 6! Brilliant memories.

I also reloaded my book cover and manuscript to the smashwords meat grinder and the book is available as previously.

Today's inspirational experience:-

Things That Impress

I make no excuse for using Google archive photos for this because it was so dark that my own pictures would not show up as well but I have chosen the same subject. A little background first!

The Wieliczka Salt Mine in Poland, not far from Krakow, was begun in the 13th century and in a word it is massive. (By the way we also saw the site of Oscar Schindler's factory in Krakow) The map below you may need a hand lens to read but it gives an idea of the scale of the place. When you consider the tools that have been available to construct and work such a mine over 800 years it is only in the last 75 or so that power tools have been used!
Why is this important to a writer - well empathise with someone dropped through a hole in the ground by rope for many yards with nothing more than candle light and hand held digging tools. Consider the pressure of knowing that millions of tons of rock are overhead threatenng to snuff out your existence and then remember that you are going to do this day after day to eke out a living! Is that not inspiring?

The mine is so massive there is a large church carved completely from the rock salt under the earth, as well as shops a cafe etc. In the church there are statues and I did attempt to photograph a bas relief image as seen below and what can be more inspiring?

The Last Supper

God Bless

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