Friday, 25 November 2011

When Irish Eyes Are Smiling

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Things That Impress

Having been a teacher for many years in the UK there was always a holiday in late October - sometimes called Blackberry Week! It was during this week that I often took short breaks abroad, the majority of the time doing a booze cruise to northern France. However, a few years ago we broke the habit and set off to tour Eire, southern Ireland. In a sense this links in with the visit to the Czech Republic with the innovative use of colour.
Being late in the year and closer to the mighty Atlantic Ocean the weather was not brilliant. There was usually a misty start to the day and that was punctuated by the occasional downpour. However, did all this greyness spoil our week on the Emerald Isle? Not at all! As we travelled through the countryside we were dazzled by the use of colour on the buildings. It was always a gasp of surprise as we travelled into towns and villages to see the shops and houses ablaze with a full range of pastel colours. Pinks, greens blues, yellows and purples were used haphazardly. The overall affect being one of cheerfulness and optimism.
It made me wonder why it was the habit to paint the houses and also to mentally congratulate the people in their positive attitude to life. In every case it brought a smile to the face. Is it a case of making the best of the weather, although in the summer sun the houses would be just as cheerful, or does it show an attitude of this is my house and I will enjoy it in every possible way? Whatever, it was part of the enjoyment of the holiday!

God Bless

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