Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Where does your lead character go next?

Good morning all.

Some interesting feedback on 'love' yesterday. This leads me nicely on to Patrick and when I was writing the first book, what I decided to do with him. It seems strange to have this power to manipulate rather like a puppeteer! Apart from his physical skills I needed to try and make him seem a good deal more human hence the introduction of a girl but when it came towards the end of the story I had to consider my options. Would I end by killing off this particular character and look at writing something different? Would I leave it with a cliffhangar that made it obvious that Patrick would be back. Would I have him taken over by the Gurentai and branch off from there? Lots of options and you will need to read the book to find out but I ask this:-

How easy do you find it to end your stories?

To me it is necessary to plan the ending more thoroughly than the rest of the book. A crystal ball may help!

Something I was going to ask a few days ago and never did sprang back into my mind this morning.

Who was your first girlfriend/boyfriend?

Why do I bring the subject up, well I suppose it is to explore feelings. First relationships are usually intense and when writing it is useful to have in your mind the feelings that you experienced at that time and to apply them to your characters. Makes them more believable because you are writing from the heart. Literally.
My frst serious relationship was with a girl called Celia, it lasted for three glorious years and it was gut wrenching when it ended with her going off to University. If the truth be known it may have ended before then but for her going on to further education but in a sense that day became a target. I saw her off on the train from Durham station on a bright September day that belied how I was feeling inside. I have never been so miserable and nothing in my life was right! Looking back it was a most marvellous experience which I will always remember with warm fuzzy feelings!

God Bless

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