Monday, 14 November 2011

Where to now?

At the moment I am editing 'The 51st State' and it is depressing! I am the type of person who when a task has been completed, in my view, I need to move on. Going back over something I have already done then is not motivating. This I suppose is the drawback of self-publishing! Still I am over half way and so it should be all down hill from here.

The other downside is that I have done very little 'original work' on my 3rd Steele novel 'The Biter Bit'. The 'carrot' that has been dangled just enough to keep me going is another sale yesterday but more significantly three different customers used words and phrases like 'gripping' 'couldn't put it down' and 'does he shag her'! Nice!!!!

Travel Tale

The destination this morning is southern France, the foothills of the Pyrenees close to the city of Carcassonne. This was a writer's, painter's dream. The contrast in scenery is amazing as is the changeability of the weather. Glorious sunshine and thunderous downpours! I have always liked France and have holidayed there many times but the trip that 13 of us made to the Chateau de Vic was brilliant. Sounds grand doesn't it but it was a holiday let! It had a number of suites, a library, television room, farm house kitchen and dining room. The inventory that has to be checked when booking in and leaving did not consist of plates, cups, glasses and so on but what can only be described as an antiques experts heaven. As I remember it there were items such as a Louis XIV dressing table! As we had a number of children and teenagers with us there was a degree of nervousness about the safety of some of the ornaments!
Outside there was a separately built but crumbling chapel, a swimming pool which we had to clear coypu shit out of before we could use it each day, a river and acres of woodland.

Sounds good? More tomorrow

God Bless

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