Tuesday, 15 November 2011

A writer's dream stimulant!

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Travel Tale

When out party arrived at Chateau de Vic, our luxury gites, from the first moment we were amazed there was a large electric gate giving access to the grounds. The approach to the house was via a raised terrace and through double french windows. I am going to refrain from using the adjective 'large' if I can because everything was!
Before we go in to the chateau, standing on the terrace, looking out at the grounds we could see extensive woodland on our left, in front a grassy slope leading to a reasonable sized swimming pool with paving and a barbecue, and beyond that a river that emerged from the trees and swung away gently to the right. In the middle distance were fields with a few horses and looking towards the horizon - the Pyrenees.
Entering the chateau through the massive french doors we were let into a hall of magnificent proportions. Facing us there was a mirror that must have been 10 -12 feet high, a broad, curving stone staircase on our right and all topped off with a glass cupola 25, feet at least, above our heads.
In the days to come that glass dome was to come into its own as a feature! We were then showed our rooms and for 13 people there was ample space. All were arranged as suites and with their own bathroom - one that stands out in the memory was a bath that you climbed a couple of steps to get into and the surround were carpeted in black and the walls were also decorated in the same colour. I think the fittings were then gold coloured. Ours was very modern with a spacious shower.
The rooms downstairs were quite formal and tended to wood panelling and floors once you'd left the hall. On the right a lounge you could have held a ball in and on the left the most amazing library. At this point we had to pinch ourselves to remind us that this was a holiday 'cottage'. Down a corridor on the left was the dining room and at the back a large farmhouse kitchen with a table that we could all sit round! In one corner of the dining room the wall curved outwards and there was a locked doorway! On further investigation we found that it was hiding a spiral staircase! Where was Hercule Poirot?

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