Thursday, 1 December 2011

Bread and butter days

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White rabbits, white rabbits, white rabbits!

It's a Yorkshire saying spoken on the first day of each month and supposed to bring good luck! December already - where did this year go? Since self-publishing 3 months ago its been a whirlwind  of peaks and troughs. Yesterday turned out to be a peak. I achieved over 2000 visits in the month including 2 from Uganda and 2 from the Ukraine - thank you. (I don't believe we use those words enough). I reviewed two other peoples books on Amazon and have been promised similar reviews. Finally, I wrote some more of 'The Biter Bit' and now the team are in the town of Jesi.
I have nothing specific planned today in the book world but my own personal routine will continue as normal. I will probably write for a while and try and review as well after all  that is meat and drink to a writer and not enough people do it for us. Amazon have made it very easy particularly for Kindle versions of books.

Quick tutorial - Find the book in the Kindle store or under the author's name; the cover has a 'Look Inside' heading, click on the cover; read; close the reader and click on 'customer reviews'; follow the instructions. 

You are required to rate the book and then write a review of not less than 20 words. Quite enough words to give a glowing recommendation!

Things That Impress

I am a little frustrated! While in Brno with the choir we had time to explore the city and I took photographs three of which I would have loved to reproduce here as they are interesting examples of man's artistic abilities. However, they won't allow me to copy and paste themselves to here!


There is one sight that is worth reproducing all be it from Google! We were singing in the Cathedral of St. Peter and St Paul in the town and it is a truly magnificent edifice. There is a hill in the centre of Brno and the cathedral sits atop this, but if it had all been of one level it would have towered above the rest of the town! It is a massive structure. The style is different from the rest of the buildings around which makes it even more striking, it is almost as if it has been plonked on the top of the hill by aliens! Judge for yourselves.

And at night

God Bless

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