Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Christmas 2



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Jobs that you take on do provide a writer with situations, both physical and emotional that can be sources of inspiration. My main career was teaching, 34 years, then call centre working for a bank, six years, but many of the situations I have worked in were to boost student grant or salary. When I started teaching in 1971 I was taking home about £60 a month and like everyone else I had to travel to work, pay rent and bills. So these 'little jobs' were very handy. A job that I haven't written about could have been the end of me on one occasion!

I worked for a firm of cleaning product suppliers that were Danish and operated from a warehouse in Sowerby Bridge in Yorkshire. The job itself was straight forward enough. I'd load the van with orders of cleaning products and deliver. My route was mostly around Lancashire and Yorkshire and it was not particularly pressured. However, on this particular morning I had been asked to do a special delivery that involved driving 6 steam cleaning machines to a place in Liverpool a trip that I'd have to make twice as these machines were large and the van can only take 3.
The problem that arose was as I loaded the first lot into the van. These machines resembled large wheel barrows with a motor, heater, water tank and spray equipment. I reversed the van up to the loading bay so that I could wheel these beasts straight in to the back of the van. I'd got one on the van and was pushing the second along the loading bay when there was a crack, something dropped in front of me and crashed through the steam cleaner destroying it totally! There had been a hoist with a large crane like hook and that had come adrift from its chain that it normally travelled along and crashed down. If I had been a couple of feet further forward!!!!!
That was quite drammatic and has stuck with me ever since. I remember the surge of adrenalin and how shaky it made me feel. The bottom line - only 5 machines were delivered.

Other Stuff

Quite a busy day. Christmas did start for me as I put up my decorations at home and wrote all my Christmas cards. I'm a sucker for Christmas and my little apartment doesn't look quite 'Christmassy' enough this year.

I wrote about 500 words of 'The Biter Bit' which felt good. After all the time spent on publishing 'The 51st State' I had lost touch a little.

I had a telephone interview this morning with a reporter from The Sunderland Echo, the plan being to publish a press release in that newspaper in the near future.

God Bless

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