Monday, 5 December 2011

Christmas begins

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I publish this photo purely for nostalgia. It is the type of van I drove and referred to in yesterdays blog about being an ice cream man! Three forward gears, lever was on the steering column, and no refrigeration unit. The product was in a large insulated metal tub stood in the aisle at the back of the vehicle and in doing an emergency stop on one occasion it came sliding down the aisle threatening to go through the windscreen! I had to stick out my left arm to stop it.

All true by the way.

The plethora of jobs I have done was not due to an undecided or feckless nature but to top up my student grant and salary when training to be and actually working as a teacher. Moonlighting!

Other things I did included, postman, working on a dray, delivering cleaning supplies and a caretaker in a blouse factory in Bradford. In fact it was while working at the factory in this last job that I was called at short notice for my first teaching job at a school in the Halifax area. It was such short notice that I had to leave work and go in my overalls. Believe it or not I was successful, they must have been desperate. I spent seven years there and tried after 18 months to get out as it was like teaching in hell!

The job at the blouse factory was not really a job at all in that my only task was to open the doors in the morning and lock up at night. The factory was having its annual 2 week break and was being painted and the decorators needed to get in and out. I must look trustworthy because the boss just handed over the keys to me a total stranger, and went off on his jollies! It was another opportunity to read and that was what I did, Alistair McLean on this occasion. A very descriptive author with a flair for adventure. Every budding author should read his description of the sea in HMS Ulysses you could be there and it is very cold!

Other stuff

Sold another copy of The 51st State yesterday, that is the first batch all gone and I have ordered more paperback versions. The title has caused me some misgivings ever since I decided on it because of a film '51st State' released about 20 years ago. The phrase is in common usage on the USA political scene and refers to any area that seriously or derisively should be absorbed with the other fifty!

Christmas is here in the UK. Snow overnight, Carols on the radio, and I am putting the decorations up today. Have a good one!

God Bless

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