Thursday, 1 December 2011

First job

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'The Travel Tales' and 'Things That Impress' parts of my blog have been about experiences that I have had that have gone together to make me! As with all people there are many more things that make us who we are and in my case the writer that I hope I am or striving to be. This next series of excerpts of my life are about work that I have done. Jobs! What we need to do to stay alive!


The very first paid employment I had for any period of time was at the Vaux Brewery in Sunderland. I was paid £7.5 for a 40 hour week in the spirit department at the brewery. The brewery was run by a family not some huge business or corporation and was a little quirky as a result. The owner, whose first name was Paul, used to walk a tour of inspection every Friday and we were expected to show due respect when 'Mr Paul' came round. We were allowed 4 pints of beer each day and a bottle of lemonade. On Friday, as a special treat for working in the spirit department, we received a tot of whisky and a cigar. Also there were gratuities from visiting pub landlords and owners. Christmas gave us hampers that were well stocked.
What was the downside? Well I suppose the lack of protection, no union, no pension arrangements. Nothing really if you think about it.
The brewery had 8 dray horses that pulled a cart round the town for local deliveries. There were a collection of characters that worked there and, as a student, I was targeted occasionally for bullying by one guy called Duggan. One incident involved me being hung on a hook by my overall straps about 6 inches above the floor!
I made mistakes. On one occasion I remember dropping a bottle of champagne and I was surrounded in a sea of bubbles! I think it was worth more than my weekly wage! Overall the experience snapped me out of the 'school mentality' and into the world of work.

God Bless

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