Sunday, 4 December 2011

I was an Ice Cream man!

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What on earth can being an Ice Cream man have to do with being a writer? I hear you ask. I'll come to that but a bit of background. I applied for and was given the job of driving an Ice Cream van by an Italian gentleman whose last name was Guidi. It was an old fashioned Bedford van with 3 forward gears and no refrigeration unit. The ice cream I collected from his shop which was on the sea front at Roker (north east England) was in a large insulated metal tub! The majority of the time I was touring round selling my cones and wafers it was during term time so no kids around! That meant I was out on the road longer and as the day wore on the ice cream would start to melt and a small cone by the end of the day was twice as big as large ones at the beginning of the day! Overall it wasn't a bad job, the pay wasn't great but I was virtually my own boss and I could take my time and have a break whenever.
This is the bit where there is a link to writing! I discovered a new genre of book that I had never tried before. The historical novel! In fact two of them both by the same author - Robert Graves. The first I read was 'I Claudius' and the second a massive tome entitled 'Count Belasarius'. So while I was waiting for customers at the various stops on my rounds I would read. It was brilliant and I enjoyed the job as well!

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I had a visitor from Singapore today. Welcome to you and all of my followers.

I haven't had time to write for a couple of days and I think it will be Monday before I get back to it but I have moved Patrick and the team on to Jesi in The Marche in 'The Biter Bit'

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