Sunday, 18 December 2011

Kung His Hsin Nien bing Chu Shen Tan

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Patrick A Steele is an accountant with training in a variety of physical skills who feels the need to right the wrongs in society!

Link to my second book newly released. Same rule as above!

Patrick A Steele is concerned about the influence of the USA on Great Britain! What will he do?

This girl has a brilliant voice! Such purity and a range to die for. Truly inspiring. I tend to have the TV mumbling away while I write but I can change!

Well things are hotting up for the Christmas celebrations and I have completed preparations for me and my mother. All that is left is to buy the food and cook the lunch on the day itself. I really enjoy Christmas time and I think it is because of the optimist in me that hopes people will treat each other in the way they should every day of the year. I am not referring to giving to charity but rather the interaction between ordinary folk!
One aspect of blogging and tweeting is the amount of kindness and support received from mother people doing the same thing and yet there are still some folk out there that want to tell you what you can and can't do! Thankfully they are in the minority.

There was a brief film on the National Lottery programme last evening showing some of the lucky people that had won millions travelling around giving presents to children in hospices. There is also a rather mushy film called 'The Christmas Angel' that is on a similar theme and I can't help feeling that this should not just be for Christmas. People need help all year round and it is the duty of fellow humans who have the wherewithall to provide assistance.

Charles Dickens 'A Christmas Carol' is a very important book that I find inspiring and that provides the basis on which many of these activities are founded. Wouldn't it be great to write something that has a fraction of his influence?

Have a great Sunday.

God Bless

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