Friday, 23 December 2011

Merry Keshmish

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Patrick A Steele is an accountant with training in a variety of physical skills who feels the need to right the wrongs in society!

Link to my second book newly released. Same rule as above!

Patrick A Steele is concerned about the influence of the USA on Great Britain! What will he do?

Welcome to my visitors from Argentina, Dominica and Portugal and thank you for taking the time to visit my blog.
Some interesting feedback on the second Steele book. The editing process is something that I would love to have taken out of my hands but I can't afford to do that! I write and I am not really interested in going back over that which is written and altering it so that it conforms to rules! I have written as I felt at the time. In some ways, pre-editing, the book that is written is like an untouched virgin! After editing it becomes a whore that has been repeatedly used! Would you ask Van Gogh to re-paint his Sunflowers because a petal was not the correct shape or colour?

Things That Impress

I visited a modern art exhibition in Paris many years ago. I have never been a fan of modern art and that is a personal thing. The dichotomy in my brain between the traditional and modern was stretched even further by what I had seen in the Louvre. I have a great respect for artists of all types but modern art eludes me. I am sure that people who express themselves through this medium are doing so in all seriousness but I just don't get it! I have viewed the Mona Lisa and Napoleon's wedding by David and I have also seen a 12 feet long steel girder with a piece of cotton wool wrapped round the centre. Where is the comparison? The painting by David is enormous, detailed, and almost a photograph of an occasion. The Mona Lisa is smaller than I had imagined but a beautiful representation. The girder + cotton wool! In some ways it seems to me that modern art is even more personal than a portrait or landscape and says more about the way the artist's mind works.
There are it seems to me a third category of art works, books and other created media and it is what I have scathingly described as ' Emporer's suit of clothes' pieces. What I mean by that is that the work of art, piece of architecture, book, film or any other media, that is not really very good, but people in the 'know' have decided that it should be lauded! Like the little lad that saw that the Emporer was truly naked I tend to feel that we are being duped into believing that a pile of car tyres arranged to resemble a submarine is clever! It's a pile of car tyres. Please!

Well I hope I haven't upset too many peoples sensibilties but this is all about me!

God bless.

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