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As I said yesterday the writers that we are come from the sum total of experiences we have had or are experiencing in our lives. Over the years I have had many jobs but only on one occasion was I sacked/fired/given the boot!

I was a student looking for work to tide me over until term began and applied for a job in a Creamery! Basically it was a milk bottling plant. Being the !!!!!!!!!student I got all the crap jobs to do and as it was a bottling plant there were no fixed hours of work and no safety precautions either. The biggest hazards were the danger of being scalded and being cut by flying glass. Having said that there were no accidents in the six days I worked there but in this day and age health and safety rules would have shut the place down.

I started work at 07:00 everyday and we worked until the last bottle of milk had been filled. The length of day being determined by orders. I had worked 66 hours in 6 days when I was asked to start at 06:00 the following day and this was approaching 19:00 on what turned out to be my final day. My last job of every day was to empty the glass bins. These were 3 domestic sized rubbish bins filled with broken bottles and glass swept from the floor and they were exceedingly heavy and having worked for almost 12 hours I was knackered! I bet you can guess what happened next. I made a decision! I decided to leave the bins and come in ten minutes early the following morninf and empty them then.

Next day dawned as oft it does and who should be the first person I met as I arrived ten minutes early? The foreman with a face like thunder. I was standing by an empty glass bin when he collared me. Needless to say he had emptied the bins! He told me he didn't like my attitude, I tried to explain, he had made his mind up. "You can collect your cards at the end of the week!" he yelled.
"I'll collect them now!" I retorted and walked out.

Being 18 and male of course I was right wasn't I?

Had any work related traumas? Let me know.

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I received a request for my second book The 51st State and also a RT for a 5* rating I received from Jo von Bargen, a fine poet with a compelling style.
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