Monday, 23 January 2012

I love Mondays!

15 pages free to view online - use your keyboard arrow keys to move up and down the pages.

Patrick A Steele is an accountant with training in a variety of physical skills who feels the need to right the wrongs in society!

Link to my second book newly released. Same rule as above!

Patrick A Steele is concerned about the influence of the USA on Great Britain! What will he do?


This has to be the first day of the last lap of editing 'The Biter Bit' because I want to get started on my next book. I can usually edit 3 chapters in a day and I have 12 to do so within the week it should be possible.
I was asked a question about Smashwords yesterday. How good is it? Interesting because I did believe that it was a must to help get books out there and it is free! I looked at one or two other sites but there was a charge and being hard up - speaks for itself. It is also the largest distributor of ebooks. The difficulty in uploading is the formatting but 'The 51st State' was ready for consideration after only two attempts in one day.

If you have had success with other distributors please get back to me?

Other Stuff

Mum enjoyed the chicken casserole, see yesterdays blog, in spite of the 3 cloves of garlic. Instead of using a garlic press I sliced the garlic and just fried it off with the onions.

Last night I watched a repeat of an old 'Lewis' with intention of not watching until the bitter end but it sucked me in and kept my interest.

Colin Dexter's stories are well developed and his characters are fallible which draws the reader in and keeps a level of sypathy going that peaks curiosity. Brilliant! I hope that comes through with Patrick A Steele.

Finally, why do I love Mondays? Having worked for over forty years which has involved being up and off to work every Monday, I now don't need to.

God Bless

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