Saturday, 28 January 2012

A Leap of Faith


I have had a day off. Chatting with fellow 'tribe' members on Triberr and taking their advice and information about blogging and tweeting I decide that Saturday was a good day to have a day off. Well I'm quite busy on Saturdays and although I enjoy writing my blogs there is a danger of becoming a slave to them and so I decided to have a day off. Also I didn't do a great deal of work on my books on Saturday so nothing to increase my 'Karma' about.
However, there were a couple of useful things that occurred. I have almost completed the first chapter of my 4th Steele novel and I read a blog from a tribe member about the most common mistakes on writing subsequent novels. The two aspects are inextricably linked and the second has made me think about editing my first chapter. I must admit that while writing it there was the distinct feeling that it was beginning to feel like a list.  I will be looking at it again on Sunday with a view to reverting to story telling.
The 4th Steele novel at the moment with the title 'A Changed Reality' What do you think?'  is quite well and making progress. This may seem a strange thing to say but when I am writing I have to 'love' my story or it is tough to make progress and I love my story at the moment!
I must reiterate my gratitude to the other members of our group for the considerable support they have given me in just a few days and in particular Bert and Jo. Indie authors like myself need support and being part of a group is an essential part of a writer's life. To all our group I would say a big thank you and please listen and contribute. All of our experiences are valuable.

Other Stuff

This part of my blog is more of a diary and in some ways I have to think carefully about what I put down. Today has been weird in loads of ways. I was gutted in the way the England cricket team played against the Pakistanis in Abu Dahbi

This is the stadium in the desert that the Pakistanis clinched a victory that really they had no right to have but nevertheless did. I am afraid that England displayed what my first boss would have described in 3 letters - LMF - meaning 'low moral fibre'. God forgive them for a pathetic display.

Never look a gift horse in the mouth.

Then you know when you do a favour for someone that you love and it turns out wrong and is thrown back in your face. Does that hurt or what!
Relationships are so very difficult and because of the psychological problems that I have even more so.
Finally I have been nominated for an award by Jo von Bargen for which I am so grateful. 
Have I had a good day? Well weighing the evidence overall the answer has to be yes!

God bless

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