Saturday, 7 January 2012

Shiawase Doyoh bi

15 pages free to view online- use your keyboard arrow keys to move up and down the pages.

Patrick A Steele is an accountant with training in a variety of physical skills who feels the need to right the wrongs in society!

Link to my second book newly released. Same rule as above!

Patrick A Steele is concerned about the influence of the USA on Great Britain! What will he do?

*For give me I'm trying to learn Japanese! I hope it means Shiawase (Happy) Doyoh bi (Saturday)

Happy Saturday - everyday is as happy as you make it! Even when things don't go as you'd like the day is in your control!

I wrote quite a bit yesterday in relatively short time but like the New Year it is bringing my book to its resolution. I am not 100% sure what I will write next but I know that I'll write. I have a recipe book on the go plus a 'blogography' and a 4th Steele novel.
There was an article about the author in the Mirfield Reporter yesterday.

Other Stuff

The rights and wrongs of society in the world are mirrored in the Barclays Premier League. Darlington, a non-league team, are going into administration for the 3rd time. Tevez, a Man City footballer who is not playing for the team or training with them, is paid so much that 1 weeks wages would sort Darlington for the rest of the season! Wayne Bridge, another Man City footballer who hasn't played for many months, is stuck at the club because no other club is prepared to pay his £90k/week wages. In my mind this is nothing short of obscene! But isn't the society in which we live just the same?
Dennis Skinner MP described the front benches in Parliament as 'Millionaires Row' and that is true of all 3 main parties. What do they know of how ordinary people live? They are there to maintain their position in the world at the expense of the rest of us. The way society worldwide is going communism will rise again! I would not say that is what I want but society as it stands excludes too many people for my Christian beliefs of life to tolerate!
Wow - heavy stuff or what?

God Bless

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