Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Who on Earth is Patrick A Steele anyway?


Patrick A Steele

Patrick A Steele

Patrick was born 1981 in the north east of England to working class parents. Unfortunately, by the time he had reached the age of 9 he had lost both parents and was being brought up by his father's brother which went well enough until Patrick, at 12, came home from school to find the house full of smoke and his uncle collapsed. The upshot was the uncle had interrupted a burglar who had attacked the old man. Patrick's uncle had a stroke and died from the smoke inhalation when a chair that he'd collapsed against had been pushed into a lit gas fire and begun smouldering.

The police caught the burglar and he received a five year jail sentence but was out after three. Patrick aged 15 now found out where the man lived and took his dad's golf driver one night and waited outside the house for the burglar to appear. When he did emerge Patrick hit him with the wood and kept hitting him until he lay still. Patrick received a non-custodial sentence.

At 18 Patrick went to Nottingham University where he obtained a 2:1 in Mathematics and Accountancy. He also attended the rifle club. officer training corps and bodyguard school which gave him a unique skillset for a budding accountant.

After working in an accountant's office for a number of years and maintaining his fitness he became dissatisfied with his lot and with the way the justice system had lost its teeth due to the do-gooders in society so decided to do something about it!

10 things to know about Patrick

1. Patrick likes single malt whisky from Oban in Scotland.
2. Sunderland is his favourite football team.
3. He carries a Glock hand gun and knife.
4. His favourite author is Alistair MaClean
5. He enjoys holidaying in France.
6. Japan has had great influence on Patrick's life.
7. His favourite group is Dire Straits.
8. Patrick's favourite piece of music is Rhapsody in Blue by Gershwin.
9. Patrick's favourite film is The Godfather.
10. He has conflicting religious tendencies!