Tuesday, 3 January 2012

The Year Begins



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Patrick A Steele is an accountant with training in a variety of physical skills who feels the need to right the wrongs in society!

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Patrick A Steele is concerned about the influence of the USA on Great Britain! What will he do?

Well the children go back to school today so I suppose its official, the new year has begun. If it is to be a good year then that will depend on how each day is approached. Start each one with a smile and an air of expectancy and it will be a brilliant year. It may not last all day but if we start again the following morning with the same positive outlook well we never know what might happen.
Having said that my positive attitude only lasted until around 08:40 yesterday morning. I was watching BBC News and there was an article under the heading of Change4Life about healthy recipes that would be inexpensive to produce. The cost being less than £5 and that got me spitting feathers! There was a TV Chef being interviewed and mentioned one of these inexpensive and easy recipes and that it should include some plantain and creme fraiche from the fridge! Of course most of us working class folk have got buckets of the bloody stuff in our fridges! Another example of the powers that be having no concept of what life is like for the majority of the 'squeezed middle'!

I am soldiering on with 'The Biter Bit' 61k words and the team are not back in the UK as yet! They are preparing to leave Sant' Egidio Airport, Perugia.

I have also started considering more constructively the next book to the extent that I am thinking about begnning the plan and I have some ideas for a title. So a bit like the year - a new beginning!
As it was a bank holiday yesterday I went to the pub at lunchtime and, like all hopeful scribblers, took the opportunity to get my books out there! One of the dining room staff showed interest and has 'borrowed' both of my published books. The more people that are aware the better the chance of a larger following.

Going back to the fourth book the inspiration is rather like that of 'The 51st State' and is occurring in life as I write and has been going on in different forms across the world at different times for millenia. It has caused the formation of various types of organisations some that still exist and others that have collapsed and disappeared. However, there seems to be the need for another similar organisation!

God Bless

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