Saturday, 11 February 2012

A bit of Patrick's background - a short story.

The Fordyce Saga

“What are you worrying about Stacey,” asked Bill. “We are not really involved.”
“Oooh men! When are you going to realise that we could get into trouble too just by being here. He is breaking the law,” she wailed.
            There was a silence that was palpable. Bill thoughtfully, you could tell by the furrowed brow, studied his feet and considered what his wife had said so forcefully. Stacey was huffing and puffing but Bill was not about to jump in to an attack on his employer. He was aware that Stacey was reacting on an emotional level to the news Patrick and that boss of his, Takuo Sumisu, had told them over a cup of filtered coffee in Patrick’s apartment this afternoon. He wanted time to think.
“Hang on a minute Stacey,” he said. “We are in a good position. Patrick looks after us and he has taken Ethan on, which he had no reason to do, but for us we have quite a cushy number here.”
“You are right of course Bill but I’m worried,” replied Stacey more quietly.
“Look Stacey it is a lot simpler than you’d first think. Patrick and Sumisu, and that Naomi that you like, well they are trying to make things better for everybody. You know what it’s like when these child molesters, kidnappers and murderers are sent to prison and ten minutes later they are set free because of good behaviour and the like. Well nobody ever thinks of what the families left behind feel. It’s all about the criminal and their human rights. It’s barmy! What about the victim and their rights? If someone breaks into your house and goes through all your personal stuff they have taken your human rights away. All that Patrick and his friends are doing is balancing everything up,” he paused running out of steam.
“Bill what if he’s killed someone?” Stacey left the question hanging in the air.
            Bill stared out of the window of Patrick’s kitchen window. He thought about the work he’d done for Patrick that Stacey had no idea about. He’d created spaces in the body work cavities of Patrick’s vehicles to hold the sniper rifle and hand guns. He knew when Patrick had gone away for a few days and taken his weapons with him. In his heart of hearts Bill knew that Patrick had killed people, he had no positive evidence he just knew, and yet he felt that what Patrick was doing wasn’t wrong. If he had killed people it had been to apply the justice that, because of trendy, lefty do-gooders, the authorities no longer had the ability to apply. In the eyes of God what Patrick A Steele did was wrong but in Bill’s opinion needed doing.
“I don’t know for a fact that he has but I trust Patrick and he would only do what was necessary to stop criminals and their activities,” explained Bill.
“Well for our sake I just hope that you’re right,” replied Stacey.

Other stuff

The above story is between two people who figure significantly in the Steele novels and hints at what he does from the outside. It doesn't form part of any of the novels.