Thursday, 23 February 2012

Damned by faint praise


It is a strange term 'damned by faint praise' but nevertheless poignant. This blog is related to another that I wrote a couple of days about 'Ownership' and as I half expected the item in question was my 40th Celebration Haiku. As it turned out it was a mistake to make my Haiku public and whether this was a self-fulfilling prophesy or not I am unsure but when you are told that the work is being kept on file and will be looked at in some undefined time in the future, then all I can assume is that it is rubbish!
This was my point about ownership. In my own mind I was happy about the work but as soon as it becomes public it is open to criticism. Everyone is entitled to their opinion and that is a phrase trotted out ad nauseum, but with a piece of work that is an art form the opinions expressed must be subjective. After all it is not everyone that appreciates David Hockney

 or Lucien Freud!

What is it being judged against? 

I am coming to the conclusion that I am over sensitive for all of this. Probably just as well that I am not very good at writing and should keep it to myself when I try to express myself in this way!

It makes me wonder how artists such as the two mentioned above or Charles Dickens for example, felt about their work or indeed whether they actually though about it in terms of exterior perceptions. I am not comparing myself with 'greats'  of the art or literary world but rather trying to understand their perception of themselves.

I love writing, that doesn't mean that I consider myself good at it, however, as a medium of expression, surely I have the right to express myself as I see fit. Whether 'you' the reading public, agree with my summation is up to you but that does not give you the right to tell me that I am not very good.

I write for my pleasure  and from the feedback that I have received it is not everyone that dislikes my efforts. Therefore I will continue to develop my skills in various aspects of expression and if I become an audience of 1 then so be it. However, if you enjoy what I have done please let me know!

Other stuff

Visitors today were from as far afield as Iraq and Kazakhstan and I would say a big thank you to them. I am not forgetting the fantastic numbers from USA, Ireland, Canada, UK and Russia.

God bless