Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Going back!

Going Back

This is something I don't do! I don't go back to anything often but especially not places I've been to on holiday. Perhaps I've not been lucky enough to visit a place that has 'done it for me' or may be that was the case up until the summer of 2007.

More of that later!
I was born and bred in Sunderland left at 18 to go to college and never really spent much more than the odd weekend up there after that and after dad died Mum came to join me in Yorkshire. That was 19 years ago and I have only been back for football matches

and funerals!
I have been fortunate to have done a fair bit of travelling and have described a number of wonderful trips that I have taken in previous blogs. It is not the visiting that I am thinking about today but the psychology, if that is the correct term, behind going back.
I have met people throughout my life who have set up return trips that have endured for years and even gone with or met the same people when they arrive at their ideal holiday destination. They are either very lucky or extremely tolerant. But why? Well the one factor that keeps popping into my head is 'security' - feeling that you are within your comfort zone even when you are away from your home base.
Perhaps that overly simplifies the matter but isn't it true that when you are preparing to go away on a trip that there is a bubble of what we say is excitement but isn't it really apprehension? We are stepping outside our comfort zone and so it is a bit of an adrenalin rush! No brainer that if we find a place that we feel is comfortable, and on top of that other people we fit with, we keep going back. We have effectively enlarged our own comfort zone. Don't get me wrong I'm not knocking it but it is something that just hasn't happened to me or has it?
Well five years ago in the summer I went to Osaka in Japan as a member of a large group. Throughout my adult life I've had a fascination for all things Japanese and being able to go was one of my ambitions. So it was fulfilled or was it? The trip only lasted for a week and we were busy rehearsing and performing so I didn't see as much of Osaka or Kyoto as I would have liked. So for once in my life I would go back tomorrow, to the same hotel and I would go for longer and do the things we missed out on. There is an element of the comfort zone thing but I would probably be moving on from Osaka and moving further north to take in the delights of Tokyo and beyond.

So where did the inspiration for this thought come from? The opening paragraph of the 4th chapter of my newest novel 'A Changed Reality'. I stopped writing to write the blog! How mad is that?

God Bless