Saturday, 25 February 2012

Guilty as charged officer.

            What on earth have I done wrong officer?

Picture the scene. I am sat with my aged mother (89) at 10:30 yesterday morning when my mobile rings and when I answer I hear,
"Good Morning sir. Am I speaking to David Atkinson?"
"Yes," I reply hesitantly.
"This is Detective Sergeant Williams (fictitious) of the Metropolitan Police Force," he trotted out.

Well of course that is when I could have done with some real Ki-Aikido training, like my main character Patrick Steele to keep myself under control, because my body started to do its own thing. The adrenalin production is boosted causing dilation of the pupils increased heart and breathing rates in preparation for a 'fight or flight' response. 
This incident took me back to when I was a boy of 8 years growing up on a council estate in Silksworth near Sunderland. I happened to glance out of the sitting room window to see a policeman walking up our garden path. I can remember similar feelings to yesterday and this was a lot of years ago.
Is this an indication of a life of crime? Well not at all. In the childhood incident I had found a 10 bob note and handed it in to the police station. 10 bob = 10 shillings or nowadays 50p, around 75 cents. In 1958 it was a lot of money. The police were returning the money because no one had claimed it. 
In yesterdays incident the policeman had rung to say that they were investigating a fraud case on behalf of BSkyB and that I had been stung by the fraudsters and would I be prepared to supply them with details which of course I am.

Does everyone have the same reaction when they see the authorities approaching?
May be it's just me even though I am as pure as the driven snow.

God Bless