Monday, 13 February 2012

How writing has been used.

Misuse of writing!

I remember, at the age of around 14, getting into trouble at school. I can't remember what I'd done wrong but I can recall the punishment. It was given by the art teacher who later didn't become famous for his portrayal of Nanki Poo in The Mikado!

Well whatever we'd done the punishment wasn't writing lines as was usual but we were required to write an essay and the subject was a cabbage.

I assume he was trying to be as awkward as possible and make us sweat over the lack of information to complete the work. Memory doesn't recall what the punishment would have been if we'd failed to achieve a required standard or what that standard was but I remember sitting down and having a go.
The question I wanted to raise is should the exercise of a skill ever be used as a punishment?
Obviously it didn't put me off writing but I know that teachers are having to be more creative in the way that they can bring their charges back to the straight and narrow.

There are 500 words on the cabbage under the 'Shorts' tab if you are interested.

God Bless