Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Inspirational weather again.

I was woken by strong winds beating against the bedroom window and bending the branches of nearby that in their turn tried to lash back in revenge. It's hardly a gale but significant on this island of mediocre weather.
On days like these I miss being near the coast. I was brought up on the outskirts of Sunderland a mere three miles or so from the sea and I can remember the storm tossed waves pounding the rocks and promenade at Seaburn with a sense of excitement.

Other Stuff
What a pain yesterday turned out to be. Triberr down and so back to very moderate traffic and, because I was using an older version of Blogger, I couldn't create or edit. Everything is ok now but I have just lost this blog once because I am outside of my comfort zone! (Obsessive compulsive disorder perhaps or AS tendencies - I recently achieved 32 on a AQ test online. Self-fulfilling prophecy?)
Significantly I sent my 40 Celebration Haiku off to the vicar to check it out for its usefulness. 
I also continued writing 'A Changed Reality' and I'm enjoying writing it!

God Bless