Sunday, 26 February 2012

Lasagne al Forno a la David

My Lasagne            

I've always enjoyed making lasagne and have developed the recipe to suit my own tastes. It could hardly be described as a 'Lasagne Lite' but there are refinements that render it lower in fat than a restaurant prepared version. For example I use fully skimmed milk for the cheese sauce and also prime beef steak mince - no fat, but it will still be quite calorific. The full recipe and method are on the 'Recipe Tab'


I am enjoying writing my latest Steele adventure 'A Changed Reality' and it is coming on quite quickly. It is slightly different from the previous novels in that it is set in the near future but for me it is good fun.


At one time I was like many people and had the idea that I should be giving up something for Lent. I remember a few years ago giving up beer! I am not an alcoholic but it nearly killed me but then enlightenment came in the form of one of the old Fathers from the monastery that is next door to our church. During a pre Lenten sermon he encouraged us to think of Lent as positive and to do something instead of giving something up. Since then I've tried a variety of activities including a planned reading of St Matthew's gospel. This year I have resolved to indulge in my latest learning activity and that is writing Lenten Haiku using the Revelations of John as a frame on which to build the poems. It will probably end up for my own consumption.

God Bless