Monday, 20 February 2012

A new week - new recipe

Leek and potato soup

 Ingredients and method on the Recipe 'Tab' An addition to the recipe since I tried it are 2 rashers of bacon which works well.

Other stuff

Thanks for all the support of the tribe and other tweeps who have given so much assistance in a variety of ways.
It is important to say thank you every now and again no one should be taken for granted.

The photo on yesterday's blog was a friend's sleeping puppy as I'm sure you all guessed. Anyone who saw anything else has been seriously damaged by the internet. (I saw).

40th Celebration Haiku
I am presently wrestling, mentally, with this idea that was inspired by something said at our latest PCC meeting. We need examples of '40' somethings to celebrate 40 years since the church was consecrated. In a burst of inspired enthusiasm I set to writing 40 haiku in an effort to describe our church and the life of Christ. It is finished! The trouble is I'm not much of a poet really and I'm concerned about quality although having re-read them they say what I wanted to say. I will polish a little more but I was put off by some 'clever dick' who put a Haiku in my comments which is infinitely better than what I've written!

Secondly, inspiration has taken me as far as producing the thing but I now have to think of a way to make it presentable that will encourage people to take one or maybe make a donation to church funds!

Any ideas please let me know. 

God bless.