Friday, 3 February 2012

Patrick's Pals - shiawase doyoh bi

Patrick's Pals - Naomi Kobayashi & Takuo Sumisu

The Gurentai - sub group of the Yakuza

As Japan began to industrialize and urbanisation got underway, a third group of yakuza called gurentai began to emerge (though the name gurentai was not given until after World War 11). Whether they fall into the traditional definition of yakuza is still open to debate, but they certainly gave birth to another kind of yakuza. In short, a gurentai is a gang in a much more traditional sense. A little artistic licence has changed the group into a more beneficial section of the Japanese Mafia, the Yakuza. Rather than robbing and beating anyone they support the poorest in society in Japan by taking riches and redistributing to the common people.

Takuo Sumisu

Could this be Takuo Sumisu?

It certainly is a Noh mask representing an elderly gentleman which reasonably describes Patrick's mentor. His age is undetermined and he is a small, slight man of upright stature and with an air of serene confidence. Takuo provides the link with the Gurentai and the expertise in Aikido and Ki-Aikido. He is in charge of the group and has his home base in Japan.


Naomi Kobayashi is rather like this girl, stunningly attractive and equally deadly. She is tall 5' 10'', slim and very bright. She is a bigger enigma than Sumisu in that Patrick has no idea of her background or the whereabouts of her home. She is every bit as able as Patrick and the two of them enjoy a physical relationship but then she just disappears into the night only resurfacing when another problem arises.

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