Tuesday, 21 February 2012

A Question of Ownership

A 40th Anniversary Celebration

I suppose that the clue is in the title but it does not refer to copyright or other dull grey topics. Let me explain.

At a recent meeting of our parochial church council it was decided that we needed to have as many '40' examples in our celebrations for next year as possible.
I came straight home and started writing, well the following day in fact. Coincidentally, I had been looking at the Haiku style of writing poetry. (In an earlier blog I published some rules of Haiku.) It came to me that the story of our church in Haiku may be an idea -  40 Haiku. 
In a few days I produced said piece of work and then set about doing a bit of polishing and editing. I added a watermark (see above) and page borders and then thought that I would publish it on here but then I paused for thought.

Did I want everyone to be able to see it before it was ready for publication? Is it good enough to publish? Is it too personal? 

Having pondered my reticence I have decided that I am unsure because of the purpose of publishing the work. So rather than share it so publicly I have provided samples.

1.      Christ the King 40
Anniversary Haiku
Warmth of God willing

      Mary and Joseph’s
Lives were no longer their own
Summer came along

      A gap unexplained
Next He was almost thirty
Autumn of His years

The future is now
We are on our journey
Choose our season

So there we have 10% of the work? Any thoughts?

God Bless