Saturday, 18 February 2012

Yon Jyu Nen - writing a Haiku

40 Years On

It was before I came to live in this place in 1971 I believe but there was a devastating fire and the local church Christchurch, Battyeford was no more!

 I don't believe that it was discovered how it happened and I suppose it is quite telling that so many years later no one is interested in that part of the disaster. The good news was that two years later like a phoenix from the ashes rose Christ The King Battyeford.

So as it is the 40th anniversary of the consecration of the church on September 22nd 2013 the Parochial Church Council are wracking their collective brain for ideas to enrich the celebration. They've decided that the theme should be 40 or ruby!

If you have any constructive suggestions please let me know!

For myself I am working on a 40 piece Haiku on church and the life of Christ. It may not work! There are some examples below:-

Christ the King 40
Anniversary Haiku
Warmth of God willing

Mary and Joseph’s
Lives were no longer their own
Summer came along

He was the youngest
Teacher to take a lesson
Chill winds of future
David L Atkinson Feb 2012
God Bless