Thursday, 23 February 2012

Short story

 Loose Ends

        It’s not always good to go back to your roots because nothing is ever the same but there is still quite a good feeling about making that journey and that was how I felt about going back to Sunderland the place of my birth. Sounded like I was going to the other side of the world instead of a hundred miles up the A1! I had that old feeling of excitement mixed with apprehension of going back to what was once familiar. The weather was decent enough; I had rung the Ramside and booked a room for the weekend.
        The Ramside Hall Hotel is still privately owned and is in a building that was erected by the Pemberton family but converted into a hotel almost fifty years ago. The building is surrounded by 27 holes of championship golf standard and the eighty rooms are individually decorated. I had booked the McIntyre suite because I liked the Victorian style and luxury and it cost an arm and a leg!
          I sat in the cream leather armchair next to the ornate mock Adam fireplace in the suite’s lounge and considered the actions that I was about to take part in the following day. The ambiance of the room was very conducive to relaxation with muted greens and browns and Victorian style replica art work adorning the walls and enabled the thinking process to go on uninterrupted. I felt the plan I’d been thinking about all week gave an excellent chance of being able to get on to the streets of Sunderland the weakness was that obtaining information without getting caught would be risky. There was another benefit in that I hadn’t been involved in an overtly physical case for a while and I felt I needed a ‘run out’ to hone my technique because there was one thing I felt was certain and that was the evidence I had been collecting would lead to a more positive overt action to ascertain a required result in the near future.
         The following morning I dressed in pale grey trousers, navy blazer, white shirt and black shoes but I carried a holdall with me that contained everything in black including a black ski mask and it also held my Glock 19 and Fallkniven F1 Survival knife. They would stay in the car until I headed for the restaurant Amore then after eating I would change and set off on my exploration of the back streets of the city. The getaway afterwards could be a problem because of the curfew, but no movement would take away any attention from me, however what I’d really like to do was return to the hotel in the early hours of Sunday morning.
          I needn’t have worried about waiting for the radio announcement of the curfew because just as that was taking place the lights went out. That is all the street lights on the dot of 9pm. obviously City of Sunderland council had decided to save money. So far so much better than I expected and now I would wait for my target with a greater sense of security. 
          I didn’t have long to wait when I saw a figure approaching and I knew this was he. The way he walked, his size and style were so familiar. I took the Fallkniven out of the ankle sheath, I decided that this would be up close and personal, my cousin deserved nothing less! 

Other Stuff

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