Monday, 6 February 2012

Strange sources of inspiration!


It comes from all sorts of weird and wonderful places - inspiration. We had a power cut in our town this evening that lasted about two hours and it covered a huge area and included my 89 year old Mum's bungalow, as well as my apartment, the town centre and surrounding properties.
It's amazing what you take for granted in modern day life. Everything went off including the telephones which meant I had to go round and see if Mum had been affected and that was when I discocered the extent of the problem.
Bless her mum was sat in the pitch dark. Well 'sitting' wasn't the best way to describe where she was. She has a chair that rises up to help her stand and it stuck in the 'up' position. She was perched there and not complaining at all. I made her comfortable and returned home.
Two things struck me about the night. The quietness and the night sky. The quietness was a little like a blanket but it took time for everything to settle to quiet! For the first ten minutes or so there were all sorts of alarms going off! Then the light of the moon was so powerful without the light pollution that normally dilutes its effects. To see so many stars was stunning also. The sort of memories that were triggered will come in good stead when writing in the future.

As I mentioned my mother she reminded me today of the privileges of age. Older people, and I am referring to octogenarians and older, seem to acquire a licence to say what they like without retribution and sometimes it makes one laugh heartily. Two quotes then the first from an aged auntie.

Situation - Sainsbury's supermarket

We used to take this elderly lady to ASDA (Walmart) shopping but for whatever reason we decided on a change. Piece of advice - old folk don't like change! At my age you'd think I would know that. Her actual words:-

"There's nowt to buy in here!"

We knew what she meant stood there surrounded by shelves bowing under the weight of the produce!

The second was my mother today. As you get older routine provides another source of comfort. I shop for mum as well as cook and other odd jobs but one of the products I 'have' to get her every week is a cake. She likes a cup of tea and a piece of cake around 4pm every day. My mistake this week was the cake that I bought!
Normally I will buy a lemon, coffee or vanilla madeira cake in loaf shape but for this weeks little treat it was a round lemon drizzle cake

and the quote that would have the local authority 'thought police' quivering with excitement:-

'I don't like round cakes'

What can you say to that?