Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Vegetarian Lasagne

Vegetarian Lasagne

On the recipe 'tab' there is the Vegetarian Lasagne recipe. I'd rather call it a 'left over' lasagne because I used, in part, the left over veg and last 3 lasagne sheets from the weekend. I also made half quantities.


I have written almost 20k words of 'A Changed Reality' and it is progressing well. When I'm enjoying something I sometimes surprise myself at how quickly I can move a book forward. It is also an interesting learnig experience from the research point of view which was why I shared the Juraj Janosik story yesterday.

Thanks again to all of my regular visitors but my sales are still only trickling out in fact that is rather optimistic. If I'd as many sales as free downloads on Smashwords I'd have a steady but tiny income!

The paperback version of 'A Biter Bit' is available and a few have already been bought by my stalwart firends and supporters for which I'm grateful. 

God Bless