Sunday, 19 February 2012

What on earth do you think this is?

Are my eyes deceiving me?

As a writer I want to guide my readers to see what I see. I construct stories and poetry in the way that I feel will achieve that aim in the hope that the recipient will indeed empathise with what I'm trying to do.
There are lots of ways of creating a story but for me the 'scenery' comes directly from my experiences and imagination. The level of description a writer uses can be self-indulgent and will negatively affect the pace of your story. I have read superb description that has gone on for almost a page without a rising sense of frustration and by the same token being bored out of my brain by three pages of description.
It is up to the author of course but we all would like our writing to be loved but also it is 'our' piece of art! If we are writing for money and no other reason - write the way you think is commercially viable!
Take a look below. How do you see the photograph? (The one on the left!)


Last evening, around midnight, I finished 40 Haiku poems describing the forty years of our church and including the life of Christ. I have written them as a part of the forthcoming celebrations. They need polishing but I would be interested in ideas for presenting the set. Any ideas lease get back to me.

Have a happy Sunday - God bless.