Wednesday, 1 February 2012

White rabbits x 3

The title comes from a Yorkshire custom where one is supposed to say 'White rabbits' three times on the first day of a new month for luck! I am sure someone will argue with the origins!

Patrick A Steele

Our hero is being made filthy rich by the support of the Gurentai and as he has a tendency to like nice motors he indulges himself.

This Patrick's all purpose vehicle and is a Lexus RX 450 Hybrid. He has had parts of the interior modified by an employee to contain his weaponry.
This the Renault Megane 2012 that our hero uses when he wishes to remain inconspicuous.

Patrick's sporty option for when he is in a hurry. It is the Mercedes MKB.

These vehicles are kept in Patrick's annexe and maintained and customised by one of his staff!

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God Bless