Monday, 26 March 2012

Communication - ideas?

 How do we manage this in our writing?

Actually the inspiration for this was the breakdown of my internet connection! I felt bereft, what could I do? Nothing! It was quite relaxing in point of fact and I had time to write some more of my 4th Steele novel 'A Changed Reality'.

But when we are writing for an audience we need to use a range of tactics to tantalise and pique the interest of the reader. One of the cardinal rules, unless you are writing non-fiction, is don't tell them everything! I am reading the Inspector Morse novels by Colin Dexter and he is excellent and dangling the carrot.

Another tactic would be to keep a sub-plot in abeyance to bring out at a crunch moment. I used this in my first book towards the end of the story and it concerned the true identity of a character that had been in the story from the beginning. The effect was greater than I expected in that it gave me an opening for another novel.

Just a couple of ideas that may be of assistance to all you great folk that have supported me in my efforts over the last few months.

God Bless