Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Conversation with Bill Fordyce

Choral Haiku

Huddersfield Choral
Thunderous cacophony
Hushed sound of success

A Conversation with Bill Fordyce

Bill Fordyce is half of Patrick A Steele's support team at home. Bill and his wife Stacey carry out secretarial and domestic duties in Patrick's apartment and his Annexe. Bill looks after the vehicles and any other handy work that is required.

What does your job entail Bill?

Well I look after Mr Steele's cars. He has  a Renault Megane 2012, a Lexus RX 450 Hybrid and a Mercedes MKB and depending on where he is travelling to he chooses the most suitable vehicle. I clean, wash and polish them and make any adaptations necessary.


I don't think I'm allowed to tell you what they are about it's private!

So what else do you do?

Well, I clean and maintain his gym equipment and the whole Annexe in fact. I've done a bit of painting and decorating in the flat as well and some other stuff.

Are you happy in your work Bill?

Yes..... I mean I like working for Mr Steele.


He says he works as an accountant and I know he did a good job on our personal pensions so that we don't pay as much tax but he does other stuff as well. He's very rich I think and has a villa in France and I don't think he pays for it as a part time accountant.
He has these two Japanese friends and I think the girl is his girlfriend but Mr Sumisu, he's a nice bloke mind, I don't know what he does. I think he's Patrick's boss in some way. He does other work!

What else does he do Bill?

Well I'm not really sure but I know he has guns because of the safe in the floor at the back of the Annexe. It's all above board because he has licences and the police check the safe out every year but.....!

Go on!

I can't say any more he's a good boss.

God bless