Saturday, 31 March 2012

Getting the best from the environment!

An imagined idyll in reality!

The weather has been almost summer-like this week so much so that I have walked on the local river and canal banks and taken some pics of the environment and they almost match up with a mental picture of an idyllic scene that I find very relaxing. The elements in there, gentle sun, warmth, trees, water and of course birds singing, help me to feel relaxed. This was an element of a course I attended years ago, delivered by video, featuring a man called Lou Tice from Seattle. The idea being that in times of stress there is a private place in your mind that you can go to to achieve a level of calm.  The above scene is real and matches quite well the imagined scene I had pictured years ago. 

Same walk  with more water.
I love water and so the river on my right and canal on the left is a no brainer. All very relaxing.

Other Stuff

Magda Olchawska ran an interview with me on her blog so if you want to find out more please visit the following link:-

'The 51st State' is free to download to your electronic reader for this weekend only. It is available from Smashwords on

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