Sunday, 25 March 2012

I Have To Get It Right - a taste!

The paper back cover 
E-reader jacket

It was a weird feeling doing a mundane job and keeping my other life so secret. If only they knew. The people in the office just think I am some kind of strange guy who only works 3 days a week. But people who work together rarely have anything in common other than the job. I wonder what they would think if they knew they were sharing office space with a killer!! Or at least a modern day ‘Robin Hood’ with Japanese affiliations! They were so set in their ways. So self-satisfied! So safe or so they thought. I was always pleasant, quiet and hard working. I wondered what the office loudmouth would do if he knew how easily I could sort him, instead of putting up with his bullying. Well maybe that day was not too far away. I could see that I would have to move on at some point. I wouldn’t be able to increase my intensity of working with Sumisu unless I give up my day job! It’s a thought that was very active in my mind again. I had a mounting balance in my Swiss account, as I'd still not spent anything. It was going to be difficult to invent a cover story for the amount in there! Perhaps I needed to take up gambling or achieve a win on the lottery! Pay off my mortgage, resign and buy a property abroad. I would always have my flat. Engage a cleaner. Buy a warehouse and a new car. Why a warehouse? Well it would be somewhere to keep my cars and other ‘equipment’. I could create a personal gym/dojo for my physical maintenance. There were plenty of disused buildings within easy reach of the apartment.
Anyway – for now concentrate on the job in hand and back to the dojo tonight. Last night was straight forward enough and the philosophy of Aikido was fascinating me. I like the calmness with which challenges are faced. It’s an extremely powerful assertiveness, which was totally lacking aggression, yet if followed, would seem to make you invincible. We would see what little Vince could do for me. I hadn't even reached novice status.
I jogged on to the club again. There were the same faces as the night before for the most part only one or two people that I had not seen. We warmed up like a chorus line from Cabaret and then saw some demonstrations from the most proficient members. We were then paired up and given instructions on specific methods of avoiding attack in different ways. I suppose it’s testimony to my naivety that I had never considered being attacked by one of my targets. Even with my training in Bodyguard school it didn't include unprovoked attack on myself, rather how to protect a 3rd party. It was the detection of and protection from violence. 


I have included an extract from my first book as I intend to increase the price on Smashwords and Kindle to £2.50/$1.99 as a corollary to offering it for free a couple of weeks ago. Having read a number of tribal colleagues' views on the pricing of our work £0.75/$0.99 does not reflect the effort that has gone into preparing a novel and pricing it so cheaply could be tantamount to self-devaluation!