Saturday, 3 March 2012

Ideas for future books + a topical Haiku

High petrol prices
Burning duty to fight back
the chill winds of spring

(Topical Haiku March 2012)


As I have often said in the past I often feel bursts of inspiration just before I fall asleep, or even in the middle of the night. Last night was no exception and, if not the next book, then certain one for the near future. What I am considering is a prequel about Patrick A Steele's early life that brought him to the state of 'avenging angel'.

Aged 12 he was a happy child that had just had a year at high school and was supported by two loving parents. Life was pretty good but you never know what's round the corner!

At the age of 15 years he was not quite as happy but had assimilated his new existence with a relative but is it true what they say about lightening?

Just some bones that may well have plenty of flesh added at some point.


Being a nut about everything Japanese  I bought a Haiku poetry book which is a collection of poems from ancient and modern Japanese poets and is illustrated with water colours and prints of all sorts. The theme is 'Animals' and it is beautiful. I hope to share some of the works with you. eg.

I read a book
somewhere within the book
an insect chirps
(Tomiyasu Fusei)