Thursday, 1 March 2012

It's ok you can write what you like!

the press

THE situation with Greece and their latest EU bailout is hilarious. It’s like shutting an alcoholic in a room with a bottle of vodka and wondering why he’s rat-arsed when you next check on him.
I doubt this charade will even stop when Greece next defaults (ie, the minute the loan comes due) because the EU fools can’t admit defeat, and the Greeks will say anything for another drink.
Greece can’t exist with the restrictions imposed on it and it can’t change. So the only question is when the street-violence will become outright revolution (and I wonder which side our interfering Government – Libya/Syria – will be on then?)
Don’t be surprised if the Greek army decides the fate of the euro, once all the politicians and bureaucrats have bottled out of facing the inevitable...


David Cameron pledged this week to cure the nation’s alcohol problems. Good luck, but if you try to take my tea-time pint off me posh-boy, you’d better book an appointment with someone who fixes broken noses.
Cameron reckons putting  20p or whatever on cheapo supermarket lager will sort the problem. Well it may increase Asda’s (Walmart's) profits, raise more tax revenue, it might lead to more kiddies going hungry, more burglaries and grannies being mugged for their handbags, or even a run on meths – but it won’t make a blind bit of difference to the committed boozer. 

The above two extracts are from a free local newspaper from my area. The man who writes it must remain nameless but the title etc at the top is accurate. I've included them because of reading one of our colleagues Emma Calin's blog this morning about the Murdoch empire and the role of the press in the UK and just felt that Danny's column in The Press reflects a similar standpoint but with a more earthy quality!
How he is not sued weekly I do not know. Hope it makes you smile this morning.

God Bless