Sunday, 18 March 2012

Mothering Sunday - Haha No Hi Omedetou


Mothering Sunday History in UK is centuries old. It goes back to the time of early Christians in England who celebrated a Mothers festival on the fourth Sunday of Lent in honour of Virgin Mary. Some believe that the ceremonies in honour of Roman mother goddess, Cybele were adopted by the early church to worship Virgin Mary, the Mother of Christ. Others say the Mother Church was substituted for Mother Goddess and according to a custom allowed a person to visit the church of his/her baptism (Mother Church) on this day. 


The origin of Mothering Sunday can also be traced to the fact that in early times people in England, as a tradition, visited their nearest parish called, "Daughter Church" every Sunday. Also in those times, in the 1600s, children after the age of ten left their homes for jobs as apprentice or domestic servants. It was considered important by the people that these children be allowed to visit their home and mother church once a year. Accordingly, once in a year, in the middle of the Lent the children were given leave by their employers to visit their "Mother Church" or Cathedral of their hometown. These children on their visit to their homes brought along gifts, flowers and special cakes for their mothers. These visits thus became a time for family reunions and over a period time, this holiday meant for the return to Mother Church was stretched to include all mothers and was named as Mothering Sunday. 


Mothering Sunday
Chill of Lent relaxed one day
No cheer for some

God bless