Thursday, 29 March 2012

Poetry Thursday 3

Topical Tanka

Spring weather

The spring sun beats down       
Afternoon adolescent
Threat of rain to come
By approaching tidal waves
Adolescence is matured

Rivers drying up
Tongues cleaving to roofs of mouths
Reservoirs are full
Mocking the dryness down south
Timothy Taylor’s Landlord

Fuel Drought

Tanker drivers out                      
Thirsty beasts resting, silent  
Minister’s – stockpile
Stampede to the petrol lake
Like wildebeests to water


Other Stuff

I know that I should have placed the above on the Poetry tab but I wanted them up front.

Just read a great blog by Caleb Pirtle III this morning that is very uplifting for all Indie authors. It included a quote from Richard Bach - 'A professional author is an amateur who just kept trying'
Use the following link to read the whole blog:-

Give away!

The second Steele novel will be free for iphone, ipad, windows mobile, android and kindle devices for this coming weekend only.

God Bless