Friday, 30 March 2012

Something else for the weekend!

The 2nd Steele Novel free this weekend!

As a thank you to all those who have given support and advice I am making my 2nd Steele novel 'The 51st State' available free of charge from for the weekend. There is an extract below to whet your appetite.
Please download and if you have the opportunity review the book.
Thank You!

An extract
The US party would be in the UK in a week and I still had heard nothing and was on the verge of texting Sumisu when he turned up at my annexe. He has a habit of doing that. I turned round during one of my slow one legged balance turns on my dojo and there he was!
“You have gained a greater level of self-control Patrick san,” he smiled. “Good morning Patrick san!”
“Good morning Sumisu san,” I said bowing low.
He indicated we should go into my living quarters. I led the way. Stacey Fordyce was cleaning up. When she saw us entering the living room, she got flustered and excused herself very rapidly. Sumisu smiled and bowed which made her even more embarrassed and she almost ran out of the kitchen into the gym! I would have to explain the correct procedure to greet my ‘boss’ and de-mystify him a little. I invited Sumisu to sit down and then offered green tea – ocha.
“Patrick san,” Sumisu began, “my superiors have come to a decision and it is as I suspected. They concur with your assessment of the overall situation and feel that it may be too late for the UK but they also feel that the USA must be stopped before they have achieved world domination. They do see a further possibility that may protect UK sovereignty and that is closer links with some of the European countries, principally Germany and France, both powerful movers in their own right with similar problems to the UK although not as advanced. We are prepared to offer the full facilities we possess to help you achieve your aims acknowledging the fact that you may not achieve your ends!”
That was a salutary warning in no uncertain terms but it wasn’t something I didn’t expect.
“Thank you Sumisu san, and I would appreciate you expressing my gratitude to your principles. May I begin with two requests? It may seem indecent haste but the Americans will be here in a week’s time and only for three days,” I asked.
“Certainly, Patrick san,” he replied.
“Firstly, I require information about where they will arrive in the UK and the time as well as where they are to stay. Secondly, I would like some idea of their timetable while they are here?” I demanded.
“I will be with you in a day with that information,” he stated succinctly.
My eyebrows climbed up my forehead at the explicit nature of his reply.
“Do not be surprised Patrick san. We monitor major political situations as a matter of course!" he responded.
“Thank you Sumisu san. I will proceed with my plans,” I said gratefully.
After another ten minutes chat, including an inquisition on how my Aikido is going, he left as quietly as he arrived.
Stacey appeared in the living room a few seconds later and was obviously curious by her body language. I explained that Mr Sumisu was one of my employers and that he was from Japan and liked to follow the Japanese traditions. 

God Bless