Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Tasty Tuesday - Vegetable Poetry

For the titillation of your taste buds I have put a recipe for a Sausage Pie on the recipe page.  Please click on the tab above.

Broccoli or not?

I am sure you have all bought a green vegetable in the supermarket with the label 'Broccoli'. It may well surprise you that much of what is described as broccoli isn't!
This is the vegetable I'm referring to. When in fact this is broccoli  of the purple sprouting type. 
In fact if you search for broccoli you end up with images of both but I have it on good authority that the first type is actually calabrese. This is a type of broccoli but tends to be used for cattle food according to the purists!
Whichever I happen to enjoy both!


It's calabrese
Purple sprouting broccoli
Or food for cattle


What is its purpose
The purple/green bitter shoot
Sprouting from the earth
Like an arrowhead soaring
At the beckoning of spring

God Bless