Monday, 19 March 2012

Tempus fugit

 I have been considering time!

Why? - because it is a constant. In which case when you are expecting something good or bad the time drags. When you are in the act of something much anticipated and enjoyable it is over all too quickly. If you are in the opposite situation, as for instance taking an examination, time drags.

 Time and tide wait for no man!

This is about the inevitability of time. Even King Canute couldn't hold back the tide  or for that matter time. It is interesting to me that so much money is spent looking for cures for causes of death such as heart attack, stroke, cancer and so on. Millions are spent looking at what we eat, how much exercise we take, what we need to do to prolong our lives but in some ways it is a waste of money. Death can't be cured it is the one outcome we all have to face.
Obviously, there are cases when people are involved in accidents or  have congenital defects that we should do something about eg. Fabrice Muamba the footballer who collapsed during this Saturdays match between Tottenham and Bolton. He is only 23 years old, seemingly super fit and yet his heart has some kind of defect that has brought him close to death. We pray for his recovery and give thanks for the expertise of the doctors working with him. 

 A stitch in time saves nine!

Or 'never put off until tomorrow what you can do today'. You can interpret this in anyway you like but if governments both local and national bore this in mind there would be less waste! It works on the micro level also!


Time the soul constant
Seasons of fragility
Acceptable fates

When we are writing it is necessary, in my opinion, to enhance the feeling of reality experienced by the reader and so being aware of the apparent elasticity of time and including it in our work is essential.

God Bless