Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Tuesday Recipe - Pork and Leek Pie

Home Made Pork and Leek Pie

  You will find the recipe on the tab above.

I enjoy these pies served with mashed potato, gravy and peas, or just with mushy peas and mint sauce. It's purely a matter of personal choice! Oh and by the way they are probably very bad for you but they taste great!

Other Stuff

I sold another Kindle version of 'A Biter Bit' that is 1, not 100 or 1k just 1! Better than nothing I suppose.
Visits to my blog are going well which I'm grateful for and from all round the world.
The support from the Triberr team is brilliant and I much appreciate all the retweets and the free books.
I tried allowing my first book 'I Have To Get It Right' to go for free a couple of weekends ago but only 3 downloads. No purchases since! I may try it again with the second and third books at a later date.

God Bless