Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Wednesday - Motives

 Juliet Binoche and her Nipples of Venus!

I have seen this film on numerous occasions which, for someone who enjoys action, martial arts, and sci/fi films, may seem a bit of a strange choice. It is almost a 'chick flick'! However, I went to see it again last evening at church. We have 'Choose days' on Tuesdays each week at our church during which a variety of activities take place on e of which is a film night. That was the choice for this month. The book was written by Joanne Harris who worked with our choir master before her book of the same name became a big hit as a film.
As an aside this was actually Joanne's 3rd book written ten years after her first. So come on you authors keep trying.
I have the dvd at home and it is saved on my freeview hard drive so why would I want to go and see it in church sat on hard wooden pews? This is the purpose of this post - motives

Motive - the reason that causes someone to act!

There are probably many ways in which to group motives but I am considering three.

1. Reasons that other people ascribe to actions that occur.
This you hear all the time in the news in groups of folk talking in pubs and restaurants almost anywhere and any time there are two or more people who are chatting together.

2. Reasons that the person who committed an act will admit to. 
Again this can be any situation but when 'cornered' and requested to give reasons these are the ones that are 'acceptable'

3. Reasons that someone has but which are private and unlikely or unwillingly shared.

People who were sat in church watching 'Chocolat' on bone hard pews may wonder why I was there alone and come up with a whole range of reasons.
If asked directly I would say that it was because it is one of my favourite films and that I never tire of watching it.
Finally the reasons I had for going last night are not quite so clear cut. I wanted to support the church and had attended other film nights and I was doing nothing else that evening. I fancied popping into my club for a pint afterwards which I could have done anyway but the visit to church partly satisfied a need to justify my going. Then there are a couple of reasons that I won't divulge!

When writing the reasons for actions can give an insight into the personality of the characters that you are creating but you must remember to be consistent. Giving motives establishes personality and can be quite dangerous because in life as in books assigning the incorrect reasons for action can cause serious misjudgement to a point where the reader doesn't understand what we as writers are getting at!

God Bless