Friday, 2 March 2012

When is a crime not a crime? - more inspiration.

Have you committed a crime and not reported it?

I parked outside my local pub last Sunday morning went in for about 3/4 of an hour and when I came out someone had clipped my wing mirror -  leaving it irreparable so it will need replacing. That is going to cost me money, the car will be off the road for a day and that will affect me caring for my mother.
Did the culprit own up? Of course not! This is the 21st century or am I just being cynical? I am a victim of crime irrespective of how serious it is and crime has a cost. May be I'm just old-fashioned and expect people to own up to their misdemeanors.

The Steele Novels

I suppose the above example is in part inspiration for the books. There is an innate need in me to see that right is done and victims are supported and I think that comes from the upbringing I have had. I'm not talking about the good quality Christian upbringing but the influence of trendy, lefty, liberal do-gooders like Mary Whitehouse  and Lord Longford  both of whom raised public awareness as to the plight of prisoners and their human rights. I'm not saying there wasn't a need but things seem to have swung to far in the favour of the criminals and against the victims. In fact I've heard it said a number of times that it is better to be in jail than a pensioner in the UK. At least you get three square meals, a roof over your head, heated accommodation and taken out on trips!

So what has this to do with Patrick A Steele? The short answer is buy the books and find out! BUT before you do that I will warn you that there is a thread running through the books about balance!

God bless.