Wednesday, 28 March 2012

The Writing Mood

Is there a writers' block or is it a case of the creative muse is not active at the moment. I think, and this is purely a personal take, that the 'block' comes from the pressure required to satisfy the demands of publishers or the need to earn money. I know I tend to rant on about writing as an art but that is what I believe and no one will change my mind. It would have been interesting trying to 'force' the great artists to paint a masterpiece by a week next Wednesday!
I am not denying the need for having a nodding acquaintance with the skills of writing but let us keep the artistic nature uppermost in mind.

 So what helps me to be in the 'right place' to be creative. I write when I am relaxed and all physical needs are satisfied. That is the short and rather obvious answer. I need to have the 'where' of my next passage in mind and the room needs to be calm although not necessarily quiet. I can't write when it is silent and tend to have the TV or radio muttering away to itself but the most important factor is that I've imagined what my next scene looks like in reality and then I write.
If I fulfil my own personal criteria then everything goes smoothly and I'm usually happy with the outcome. If, on the other hand, I am wanting to get things down quickly when I re-read that passage quite often there are more errors that need my attention but the content is usually acceptable.

God Bless