Saturday, 10 March 2012

You can't refuse! - Books and writing

A Special Offer

Patrick Steele is an accountant with training in a variety of physical skills. He has made himself a self-styled nemesis available to right the wrongs of society using his skills as an accountant and a man capable of making difficult choices. Patrick enjoys his cars and has a variety of weapons that he is not afraid to use.

I began writing this novel in 2009 and completed it after about 10 months. It came from a desire to write that had been in me for a number of years and the plan was not specifically to publish. Once I had completed the work it then seemed a shame not to ‘have a go’. Since then the writing bug has driven me to complete two more  and begin a fourth. 
On top of novels I believe that a writers' work can only be enhanced by trying different styles or genre. Short stories I found a challenge and so I have produced three or four of these using a variety of formats and in the end have quite enjoyed doing them. Also, because of the influence that Japan and it's culture has on my life I have and am producing Haiku poetry.

As a result of reading the blogs of friends on Triberr I have decided to make the above book, my first Steele novel, available for download through Smashwords for this weekend only. If it is successful in kicking off purchases I will try with my other books.

God Bless